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 Hammock Suspension Systems!

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Southeast Overland
Southeast Overland

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Hammock Suspension Systems! Empty
PostSubject: Hammock Suspension Systems!   Hammock Suspension Systems! Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2015 5:13 pm

Our new hammock suspension is now in stock and available for sale.


You can order online at (click HERE to go directly to the sale page), click on "WEBSTORE" and then "Camping & Hammock Accessories."

You can also order by
Calling 864-280-4238
PM us on TacomaWorld

So here is some general info on our Hammock Suspension System...


  • Tied and spliced of 7/64" Amsteel Blue in our shop. We do all the work.
  •     Average Break Strength of the Amsteel Blue is 1600 lbs.
  •     Available in multiple colors.
  •     Available by single piece or in kits. You save money when ordering the kits.
  •     Tree Huggers are tied with climbing spec 1" black webbing.
  •     Hammock Grabbers have a metal ring that serves as an attachment point for a structural ridge/tarp line, plus a drip ring. A drip ring is a point where water runs too down the main hammock sling, then drips off hopefully instead of running down the hammock and onto your head or feet!
  •     The system is strong, light weight, and portable.

And I'm sure everyone wants pics... so here ya go!

This is our Basic Suspension System.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index

  •     4 Soft Shackles
  •     2 Hammock Slings (commonly referred to as Whoppie Slings)
  •     2 Hammock Grabbers
  •     Available with 2 Tree Huggers for a little more

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Hammock Slings

  •     Spliced in-house of 7/64" Amsteel Blue, with an average break strength of 1600 lbs.
  •     A loop on each end to attach soft shackles or other similar attachments to.
  •     Adjustable from 28" to 7'

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Hammock Sling in use.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Close up of Hammock Sling.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Soft shackles

  •     Tied in-house of 7/64" Amsteel Blue

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Soft shackle comparison to typical hammock carabiner.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Soft shackle in use, attached to a Hammock Grabber and Tree Hugger.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Zoomed out view of pic above.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Soft shackle, Tree Hugger, and typical hammock carabiner.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
How you install a Hammock Grabber.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
Tree Hugger - nuttin' special, just some 1" climbing spec black webbing with an eye tied on each end. About 9' long. If you need more reach to your hammock put one eye through the other. If you need it shorter you can wrap it around the tree again. We price these cheap because they are very basic.

Hammock Suspension Systems! Index
And THIS is what it is all about!

Let us know if you have any questions and THANKS!

- Steve
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Hammock Suspension Systems!
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