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 Icom IC-208H Radio

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Icom IC-208H Radio Empty
PostSubject: Icom IC-208H Radio   Icom IC-208H Radio Icon_minitimeSun Nov 02, 2014 4:30 pm

Just took this out of my FJ, was already installed when I purchased.  Everything you need for a nice install.  Detachable face dual band radio in excellent shape, will throw in a nice speaker as well. $250 for all.
Icom IC-208H Radio ?ui=2&ik=ddbc737182&view=fimg&th=14971e393b18d127&attid=0

Powerful 55W/50W output power
Individual MOS-FET power amplifier modules supply the power for Icom's most powerful dual band mobile with 55W/50W (VHF/UHF). Stable power for long distance communications plus reduced power settings (15/5W) for local communications.

Wideband Receiver
See why Icom has a world renowned reputation for superb wideband receivers with the IC-208H. The IC-208H wideband receiver covers 118-173, 230-549 and 810-999MHz* as standard. Listen to your Amateur VHF/UHF bands, as well as aviation, marine, weather and other utility communications in a compact mobile package. Extends your mobile radio enjoyment! 
* Excluding Cellular range.

Detachable front panel
Limited installation space is no problem with the IC-208H. The separation cable, OPC-600/R, is supplied with the radio allowing the compact remote control head* to be installed almost anywhere.
* 111 (W) × 40(H) × 26.3 (D) mm; 43.8 × 19.16 × 11.32 in.

500 alphanumeric memory channels
With this much memory, you can fill your IC-208H with your favorite frequencies and operation settings such as output power, tone, and more! Then name each memory channel with up to 6 characters for quick channel identification.

Improved Dynamic Memory Scan (DMS) system
The improved DMS system allows you to scan all the selected banks you want to scan by simply adding/deleting bank links with Icom's exclusive Bank Link system. Yet another convenient feature to make the IC-208H more practical radio.

User friendly design
The large multi-function tuning knob provides intuitive channel tuning or band hopping. The multicolor display lighting and backlit buttons adds a new "fun" dimension to operating the IC-208H.

HM-133 remote control microphone
The supplied HM-133 remote control microphone allows you to control almost every function of the IC-208H from the mic.

Additional Features
Built-in CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
Pocket beep and tone scan
Selectable squelch delay
FM narrow capability
RF attenuator linked to the squelch control
16 DTMF memory channels (24 digits per channel)
9600bps data connector (mini DIN 6-pin)
Auto repeater function*
Weather channel with weather alert*
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Icom IC-208H Radio
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