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 Ever had one of those weeks?

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PostSubject: Ever had one of those weeks?   Thu Sep 18, 2014 10:09 am

I know I haven't posted here in a good while, just kind of been sidetracked with bigger things going on.

This last month has been a headache with my FJ, went to the Bristol night races in August and it got hit by lightning that friday night.  It was being worked on for 3 weeks til they finally said they got it fixed to the tune of $5,100!  Thank god for insurance though but today more lights came back on that shouldn't be on.

It scares me to think either we got lucky getting home (250 mile trip from there to my house) or there is alot more wrong than they wanted to fix either.  I know they replaced a computer, ABS system, alternator, and a new battery.  The check engine, ABS, VSC and traction control came back on last night coming from to play another waiting game to see how it will be handled since a new dealership will have to take it over.
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Ever had one of those weeks?
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