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 2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's

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PostSubject: 2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's   Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:47 pm

Long story short, last Saturday I went to buy a Keurig coffee maker from Target which ended up with me ordering a 2014 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon X.  Yes it's true.
I love my FJ to death, but I think I may love my future new ride a little bit more when I'm riding around with the top and doors off.
So since my money tree is very limited, I'm going to have to let the FJ go.  It's really "gently" used.  I have the extended service plan to 60K and all service has been done by the dealer every 5K and 10K miles.  It truly is in GREAT shape and CLEAN!

Details on the FJ:
2011 Army Green 4WD Auto; 53,800 miles
No harsh off road use
Only mods are: Metal Tech Rock Rails; Ricochet Wind Deflector on Roof Rack; Electronic Trailer Brake Controller with 7-Pin Plug.

Here is the link to "My Build" for more details on my FJ:

Currently the plan is to trade the FJ.  The dealer has offered me $23,500.  BUT, I will sell it direct if somebody wants it.  The tax advantage to me trading is about $600 so I will sell the FJ direct for $24,100.

My Jeep will not arrive until 8-10 weeks so I'm in no rush and need to hang on to the FJ till then, or at least first or second week of December.  I could rent something to get me by after that.  So the FJ would be a awesome Christmas present for somebody!

Anyhow, I hope to still be welcomed here on the NCFJ forum because this is a great group of people.  And I'd still like to show up at some events even though I'll be in a Jeep.  I'll park beside Jami and Brian Very Happy .

Please don't hate!

PS. Here is what I'm getting.

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NC FJ Driver

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PostSubject: Re: 2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's   Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:26 pm

Funny how often this is happening? affraid  Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it.
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David B

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PostSubject: Re: 2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's   Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:24 am

NC FJ Driver wrote:
Funny how often this is happening? affraid  Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it.
Concerning Jeeps.....Some people like the "top off" feature, some like the SFA of a Jeep...I personally like safety, airbags, comfort, resale, reliability, history, and the non-electrical nightmare (you very well may see this after 3 years of Jeep ownership as it is generally about this time that electrical engineering of a Jeep is called into question, I have many friends that are on their 5th Wrangler in 7 years....) of the FJ Cruiser. The FJ may not have the "rock climber" SFA advantage of a Rubicon (but since I am not crawling rocks on my way to my computer engineering job and simply want a capable off-roader for the rare times that I am able to break free from work and family) I am crazy about the FJ...LOL
I seriously looked at Jeeps when I thought I couldn't afford the FJ. Once I realized that I could indeed afford the FJ and after considering my particular situation, the FJ was a no brainer...capable 4x4 in any reasonable situation that I would place it in after a well thought out attempt at some weekend fun/play.
I still like the Jeep solid front axel, but would definitely wait to get one simply as a recreational toy, for rock crawling and one that I did not rely on, one that I wouldn't mind beating the hell out of and leave on the side of the road waiting for a flatbed to pick up and deliver to the house a few days after I return home to my wife and son safely.....LOL
My FJ delivers all the off road fun that I need and will deliver me to my job Monday morning after the weekend fun, so that I can keep the $$$ flowing that makes such weekend fun possible.
That is all Smile

Contact Info:

Follow me on Twitter: @NCFJ_Cruisers1

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2010 Trail Teams Edition - ToyTec 3" Ultimate Lift, Light Racing UCA's, PIAA XTreme White Plus headlights, PIAA 520 series Fog/Driving lights, 2010 BudBuilt Front Skid, BudBuilt engine skid, Ricochet LCA guards, BajaRack OEM roofrack basket, MaxTrax recovery ramps, Husky Floor Liners, Midland 75-822 40 Channel 2 Way Radio, Bandi Mount with 4' Firestick II, OrangeBoxx Side Cubby PSD (NCFJ Edition), Outrider Suspension armor, K&N drop in airfilter for on-road travel, OEM Airfilter when wheeling.....
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PostSubject: Re: 2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's   

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2011 Army Green 4WD Auto - Rylandnc's
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