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 Why we do not ride Richland Road.....

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David B
David B

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Why we do not ride Richland Road..... Empty
PostSubject: Why we do not ride Richland Road.....   Why we do not ride Richland Road..... Icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 11:15 pm

Not to bring up a sore subject from the past.....but as Administrator of this group, I get the honor of receiving and replying to emails, both positive and negative....

Some of you may not know, but I have received NUMEROUS emails from property owners that own land along Richland Road.....and of course, these emails are understandably less than enjoyable to read....

Before I share some excerpts from my most recent email exchange, I want to remind everyone of a couple of things:

1. We are an official, PAID club supporter/member of Tread Lightly and as such, we have a responsibility to respect private property and only wheel where we know it to be 100% legal

2. In this day and age of technology (I personally work in Information technology), ANYONE that thinks they are getting away with anything is sadly mistaken.... mobile phones are amazing devices....with cameras, both still and video. Also, the internet, with all its available information, and search engines, such as Google, which allow you to search ANY keyword and produce information, provide information that 25 years ago was unavailable to the average Joe.

With that said....

I recently (August 21, 2013) received emails from local landowners along Richland Road with a link to a Photobucket album of a member of this group (the album predates our official ban on wheeling in this area) that is viewable to the world....and in this album are pictures of individuals wheeling in definite "off limits" areas....Well, here is an excerpt from that email:

Recent EMAIL#1 (August 21, 2013) SIC: "(Insert Photobucket link here, provided by the same land owner that is speaking here,,,) I kinda doubt the road right of way ever went up the hill, or that a normal passage of the road required a venture up the hill. Or even a venture thru some mudpit that had been created by earlier illegal trespassers.

But I would like to thank the people who made the video. Especially for providing clearly readable license tag numbers in the video. I have forwarded videos and pictures to the appropriate land owner. What he does with them is up to him.

Again, the damage your groups do to the road is not repaired by anyone but the landowners. And I assure you, had I been paying attention and not forgot to check your boards weekly that I would have been waiting with the sheriff for your members to trespass across my land on their excursion of tearing up private property."

Recent EMAIL #2 SIC: "I just don't understand the off path adventures or tearing the creek banks up (referring to Richland Road). All that does is make it largely impassable for the people who own land back in there. Years ago I could drive an everyday truck all the way thru, now it is just a days endurance test to navigate back down the road in a typical 4wd in dry conditions.

I can't even access my own land if its wet, because of the roads being torn up by some people playing games in flooded roadbed conditions. The excess erosion caused by this activity causes the roadbed to become even more impassable to land owner traffic. No one is going to fix it either. The State of NC won't and hasn't for at least 30 years. Its been abandoned back to the landowners.

Thus it has become a haven for some questionable activities. Someone got stuck last winter and started a fire trying to keep warm, it turned into a forest fire and burnt to the top of the ridge line. Almost to the parkway. There are millions of dollars of private timber holdings in the area that could have went up in flames. Someone a few years ago even drove thru the graveyard along the roadside. I just don't understand."

The fire this owner is referring to is documented here:

Apparently some one was "wheeling" and either got stuck or wrecked their truck, started a "camp fire" to keep warm and, well, you can read the article.....

While I defend NCFJ Cruisers in my reply to these emails, I also have to empathize and sympathize with the people that have PAID to buy this land and I choose to respect their wishes that we stay away. There is no clear cut defined legal and public boundries on Richland is a 40+ year old ABANDONED "roadway". This is why, as a club, we do not condone any activity in this area.

I know we have lost a few members that continue to refute the legality of this area...and I am ok with that. All I am saying is that we will not trespass on private property, we will not contribute to the image that all people that like to enjoy their 4x4s are just rednecks that have no concern or respect for private property, or of the land in general. And that as an Official Tread Lightly Member Club, we will adhere to the basic principals of respect for private property and show respect for our legal available trails.

I do not mean for this thread to be condescending, arrogant, un-knowledgable, insulting, or anything else negative. I personally have not been to Richland Road, and that is a decision I made based on my position in this group and out of the fact that this is a highly disputable area. Just because you have wheeled in this aream does not mean you are a GIS or cartography just means that you have probably been trespassing....Please understand my position and the position of the group and hard feelings....

If you have read this entire thread, then thank you! Your attention and adherence is much appreciated!

David B

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Why we do not ride Richland Road.....
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