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 Christmas List

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PostSubject: Christmas List   Wed Oct 10, 2012 5:50 pm

OK...yesterday I asked about rear shocks, today I am just going to throw this out there. I am putting together my Christmas List and would like some help/opinions about a few items:

1. Rear Shocks (already had some feedback but more is fine)
2. Rear LCAs
3. Cold Air Intake (I like the Box style but not convinced I really NEED that)
4. Off-road Lights (I like the PIAAs, but not sure why)

So any input is welcome and if anyone has any of these items for sell...let's talk.

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Crazy Hube

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas List   Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:23 pm

I will chime in on numbers 3 and 4

3. "Cold" Air Intake.
-Don't waste your time or money, CAI's do nothing for you except create the potentinal for more debris to get into your engine. Also the oiled CAI's will foul your MAF quickly. Toyota spent tons of money developing the intake to get the right amount of air to your motor, unless you are forced induction you won't notice a difference. I still run the stock intake on my 4runner even with a supercharger. My advice is just to get a nice oil-less drop in air filter, can be had easily for under 60 bucks.

4. Off-Road Lighting
-Rigid LED's or check out TrailWorthyFab for affordable LED light-bars. If you want to stick with standard Halogen or HID you can't beat LightForce
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Trail Guide
Trail Guide

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas List   Fri Oct 12, 2012 4:14 pm

#1 -- I've been very happy with my Icons for both ride and range of motion. Nothing fancy, but they're good simple shocks.

#2 -- Stan at ToyOutfitters makes some awesome ones and can make them in a color you want if I'm not mistaken. Pretty sure he's NCFJ1 on the forum here

#3 -- Everything I've read and heard says they have no gain and while I'll usually do this on most vehicles, I'd rather put that money to something useful on the FJ.

#4 -- I'm running some halogens, HIDs and LEDs and I have to say that LEDs are the best light for all around purposes. You don't have to wait for them to warm up like HIDs and they're not even comparable to halogens since halogens suck by comparison in almost every aspect. If you're actually going to use your lights on road on a regular basis, look at halogens or proper HIDs in a projector housing. For off-road I'd go with the LEDs, but make sure you find some with a beam that will fit your needs.
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David B

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas List   Fri Oct 12, 2012 10:41 pm

Quote :
Speedrye#2 -- Stan at ToyOutfitters makes some awesome ones and can make them in a color you want if I'm not mistaken. Pretty sure he's NCFJ1 on the forum here

Funny you mention Stan and HFS4x4/Toy Outfitters....I am, at this very moment in South Carolina, and will be visiting Stan tomorrow to have a set of rear lower links installed!!!

I was supposed to continue my journey to Southeast Overland tomorrow evening, but work got in the way... Sad

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas List   Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:22 pm

If you want a set of PIAAs let me know I have the two that came off the front of my truck they are available for $150. However if I were you I would go with HIDs or LEDs as mentioned above. I just added the 4 HIDs to my bumper and I love them the light is unbelievable
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PostSubject: Re: Christmas List   

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Christmas List
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