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 Southeast Overland Soft Shackles

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Southeast Overland

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PostSubject: Southeast Overland Soft Shackles   Sat May 26, 2012 3:33 pm

Soft shackles are a good product to use during recoveries when a
traditional metal shackle cannot be used to attach to a vehicle, or when
a strap is not available to attach to a traditional metal shackle or

These are made from Samson's Amsteel Blue, Dyneema SK-75 fiber in 3/8"
and 1/2" diameters. 3/8" has an average break strength of 29,000 lbs and
a working load
limit (WLL) of 7,250 lbs at a 4:1 safety factor. The 1/2"
has an average
break strength of 42,000 lbs and a WLL of 10,500 lbs at a
4:1 safety

Each comes with a section of loose fit abrasion guard that can be easily
replaced if worn. One end has a slip loop which should be securely
tightened around the opposite knot end to create a closed device.
Position knot and slip loop joint in free space away from other
recovery gear or your attachment point (see picture). Works best on
smooth, rounded surfaces. Do not place around sharp objects. Not for
lifting use or use during any life saving operations. Do not use for
dynamic (snatch) recoveries.

Available in the Southeast Overland WEB STORE. <---- link

Cost is $25 for the 3/8" and $35 for the 1/2". Once of each is carried
in the Southeast Overland FJ Cruiser or FJ55 when wheeling.

3/8" soft shackle

3/8" soft shackle around a slider. Note the loop end is open in preparation to slide and secure around the knot.

3/8" soft shackle around a slider and a 3/4" Van Beest Green Pin D shackle.

3/8" soft shackle around a slider and a winch line hook.

1/2" soft shackle.

1/2" soft shackle around a slider and a winch line hook.
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Southeast Overland Soft Shackles
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